Mundane Outlook 2005
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R. Hakan Kırkoğlu DFAstrolS

2005, First and Second Quarters

This article is especially prepared for ISAR International Astrologer Journal.

Planetary equilibrium (Ganeau) index which is generated by the sum of waxing and waning aspects of planet pairs from Jupiter to Pluto hints us that April and July will be noticable months, bringing more of insecurity and instability.

Lowering index signals chaotic times and a directionless atmosphere while a steady up usually comes along with a positive, constructive developments. If you look at the 20th century as a whole, severe lows occured between 1912-1917 (WW1), 1936-1940 (WW2) and 1975-1981 (Cold War era) and doubtless to say, currently we have been experiencing a new lowering period since January 2001 when G.W. Bush came into power in USA. This new cycles does not seems recovering at least until January 2009 and more severe down movement is on the horizon after July 2013.  The latest Jupiter-Saturn synod occured in May 2000 in the sign of Taurus has been the leitmotive of redistribution of world resources and much conflict in the Middle East.

After then, we shall enter to a new synodical episodes in air signs, heralding that civilizations transforming itself to be more humane and giving more emphasize to intellectual values and these whole new series of Jupiter-Saturn synods will start with Aquarius in 2020.

Current planetary cycles

In the first half of 2005, we witness no major easy flowing aspects among outer planets. In the background, It’s the only Jupiter-Neptune trine which supports idealism, alturism and charitable tendencies which strongly came up to surface after catastrophic event of tsunami in the southern Asia. Furthermore, Saturn and Pluto are in aversion position, e.g. quincunx between Cancer and Sagittarius and this high tension bearing pair recently was the major theme during 2001 coincided with 9/11 and afterwards. Aversions are like blood feuds and usually necessitates major adjustments often without satisfactory results. Saturn-Pluto, interestingly enough was closely in such a position when G.W. Bush sworn for his second term in USA. These planets will be in aversion once again in the end of May. In the meantime, coinciding closely with that aversion, Saturn and Uranus are in sesquiquadrate aspect in mid February and mid June. This pair again is not easy to deal with, being at totally extreme ends. Saturn Uranus hard aspects guarantees that any desired change will not be swift and easy and extreme measures in politics can be expected while uprisings, agression and severe attitudes will be present. Current situation in Iraq, Arab-Israeli negotiations and relations with Iran and North Korea will certainly pose difficult choices in the political arena for world. Saturn and uranus cycle is especially related with Middle East and Israel.

We will also witness Jupiter-Uranus aversion between May and July. Uranus being in a Jupiter-ruled sign in Pisces, this summer is expected to highlight an awareness in religious and spiritual issues, a necessary adjusment in our moral codes along with further questions in the dialogue between science and religion.

Transiting lunar nodes have been in square aspect with Saturn, resulting in a cardinal t-square since November 2004 and this will last until end of May, perfecting in the first days of May. Such a broad influence cannot be overlooked and will show itself in various issues. This transiting T-square will also be turned into be a grand cross when the vacant position is triggered by Mars around the first falf of March and the first half of May. As both Saturn and lunar nodes are related with fated issues and the high tension of square aspects, around these periods, many events presents deadlock issues and hard turns in terms of necessary attempts, initiatives for security (Cancer) and diplomacy (Libra) Such an aspect configuration is also present in Iraq elections. In the chart for closing of polls in Iraq (January 30th, 17:00, local time in Baghdad) lunar nodes sits at the IC/MC axis creating a cardinal grand cross of Saturn-nodes-Venus and Chiron. Venus is in partile square to the nodes and strongly emphasize the enforced unification of State under extreme unrest as symbolised by Via Combusta IC and south lunar nodes. Both points can be interpreted as dealing with past issues.

Inaugration chart of G.W. Bush

As for the second term of G.W. Bush, the highlighted themes are as follow: Capricorn MC ruler Saturn is at the nadir, retro and detriment, Mars (in ex cond status in classical terms, being a night time planet in a day chart and in positive sign, thus provocing more fierce and dangerous side) and Pluto conjunct in the VIIIth house, once again lunar nodes- Saturn -  MC grand cross, Chiron conjunct with MC. Such a configuration alerts us that new presidency of G.W. Bush will suffer much unless he approaches old issues with new solutions in a more balanced, sober and calm way.

I noticed that Mars and Pluto, which are separated by only less than six degrees, show themselves as planet lines toward Iran in ACG, Mars exactly on Tehran. In a symbolic way, six degrees may well be interpreted as six months period (as used in the perfection of Mars - Saturn opposition in the chart of first term of G.W. Bush, pointing to 9/11) alerting us that July would be very critical period for him. In parallel with this prognostication, solar return chart for G.W. Bush also alerts us that April, July and October will be noticable months, bringing much conflict and new measures. He has a balsamic moon phase ( being the Moon behind the Sun, both the luminaries in Cancer, the sign of homeland and security) and Sun/MC squared by Mars, lunar nodes and Jupiter. Thus we could ascertain that this solar return, when it becomes active, starting from April 3rd, signals that G.W. Bush can be triggered by outside factors (Mars on the VIIth house) in the spring time such a difficult period would culminate towards his birthday in July enforcing and urging him to take new cancerian measures, amid of strong oppositions and hostilities. July being a turning point, (MC in Cancer in the SR chart) could indicate change of circumstances and he may seek foreing support and joint initiatives through diplomacy which can be more noticable and clear in October (Asc Libra)

Furthermore, although we are not certain that this would imply an future deal with Iran, April 8th solar eclipse degree of 19th of Aries falls directly on IC for Tehran, Iran. Transits over Iran natal chart and SR for Iran for the time questioned seems not well easy circumstances as Neptune over Dcs, Mars will be retro in Taurus in Iran’s Xth house, transiting Saturn in the XIIth house. These astrological findings could show that Iran would face delusions in foreign policy and malpractises.

Aries ingress chart and Solar Eclipse in Aries

Findings: In the Aries ingress chart for 2005, Mars’ position is at anaretic 29th degree of Capricorn in partil opposition to Moon in Cancer. 0 degree Aries point gives the following signature: SA/UR=SUN=UR/NN=NE, First quarter Moon trines Sun (disassociated), lunar nodes are in cardinal cross with Saturn-Moon/Chiron, Sun sextiles Mars, retro Aries Mercury opposes retro Jupiter in Libra, Sun sextiles Chiron, Sun semisquare Neptune, Jupiter trines Neptune, Pluto partil trine to N. Node

Moon at MC (while Mars on IC) around Hong Kong, Indonesia and Perth in Australia while Mars Saturn wide opposition is on IC/MC axis crossing over Washington, Venezuella, Bolivia and Argentina.

Main theme for Moon-Mars opposition bring issues around insecure feelings, irritated people, violence, terrorism, disruption, security and health problems, explosions and fires. For Washington and generally for USA, as the Moon situates in the 4th house such problems of security and excitability could be more accentuated in the first quarter of the year. Taurus rising, along with combust Venus in the 12th, Sun in the 12th bring out hidden activities, fear and much rumor. Furthermore, Aries rules the 7th house (Scorpio) and Aries is intercepted in the 12th and such combination may be responsible for both open and hidden hostilities. Asc/MC for Washington also falls on Mars/Saturn and Moon/Saturn, Chiron/MC and Saturn/Asc. The visible density of malefics planets around axis and G.W. Bush’s coming solar return chart in which Aries holds the 7th house alerts us that USA could be quite vulnerable in terms security problems. Furthermore, part of danger and peril is situated at 28 Cancer, just in conjunction with the Moon (People)

Moreover, in the April solar eclipse chart, we witness the luminaries are squared by Saturn and fall in the 8th house, house of crisis, dangers and enmity.

As for Middle East and particularly for Iran, solar eclipse falls exactly on IC at Tehran. It seems that this eclipse can bring accentuated tensions between USA and Iran. Jupiter will be at MC with Sagitarrius rising (also on the 12th house cusp) for Baghdad seems to correlate with the new goverment along with international recognition but also ongoing disruptive behind the scenes activities.

On the far east countries, in the Aries ingress chart Moon/Mars opposition also falls on IC/MC axis, especially for Beijing, China and Indonesia. Saturn ist at MC around Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. For this region of the world, restless situations, governmental problems and domestic problems could be expected. Communist China will experience its nodal cycle return (natal north node at 16 58 Aries)

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